The Story of Loon Liquor Co.

Northfield High School friends Simeon and Mark had a great time one evening in January 2011 with Simeon’s homemade coffee liqueur. Simeon’s homemade White Russians were so delicious that Mark called Simeon to see how he could obtain more, and if Simeon were interested in bringing this talent to the market.

Almost every day since, they both have been researching the biological, chemical and business sciences of the distilling industry. In November of 2012 they launched a reservation / micro-funding campaign which raised $11,500 from over 100 amazing people; which they leveraged with the Angel Investment to get a SBA Loan in July. While finalizing the build-out in November of 2013, they were the only two folks in Southern Minnesota to receive Federal permission to produce spirits in over 100 years.